Web Service API

Create Transactions

Our API allows clients to communicate transactional information to be processed directly from other platforms through robust API calls. Our API takes a batch creation approach which allows for a more concise communication method of transactions. The system will instantly provide a signature which will include a summary of all transactions created as well as errors encountered.

Search Transactions

A wide array of search options are available to retrieve exactly the information clients need for updating internal databases with updated information. Some of the many options include date ranges for both effective and upload dates, search by status of transactions, unique transaction ID, and user created ID fields as well.

Get Returns

For a quick retrieval of all returns, or transactions that were not settled for various reasons, we’ve created a specific call to our API which retrieves information pertaining to returns. Simply give it a date range for it to scour records for returns that occurred within those dates and the API will list out all returns within that time frame along with their respective return codes.

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