Uncover the Benefits of ACH Utilization

Retain Customers

Reduce payment friction and hassle of your customers by offering billing via ACH. Payments will be automatically pulled and remitted to you. Have the ability to provide customers flexible payment options that allow yourself peace of mind as well.

Grow Your Business

Automating payments not only helps you streamline your payment cycle and free up time to focus on growing your business. Gone are the days of manually reconciling accounts, access to that information is available at your fingertips.

Drive Down Costs

Offering ACH as a payment option immediately pays dividends by providing a means of transacting that is transparent and affordable. Unlike credit cards, ACH transactions incur a flat fee per transaction rather than a percentage regardless of the transaction amount!

Real Time Notifications

Our email notification center provides our clients with the ability to choose what events trigger an alert to them. System administrators can also opt to be copied or even blind copied for security measures.


Compared to traditional check writing methods, converting payments electronically yields an exponentially more secure method of transacting. Sensitive information such as account numbers are encrypted and information is securely stored away on the cloud.

Recurring Payments

With our Recurring Payments Manager you have the ability to schedule any series of transactions on a custom recurring schedule that suits you and your customer’s best. Scheduling future transactions in advance allows you to allocate resources more efficiently. Set it and forget it!

Accept Payments Anywhere

With a cloud based platform, there is no restriction on when transactions can be created. Simply login anywhere you have internet access and you’re able to access your information and capabilities at your fingertips.

Improve Cash Flow

Automate collection of payments from customers via ACH and eliminate a delay in processing payments manually. Automating payments will tighten your cash flow cycle, allowing for more accurate forecasting.

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