Products and Services

Web Portal

Our core platform is our ACH Web Portal that allows access to all vital functions that drives our clients and their businesses forward. Create single and recurring transactions, generate reports to reconcile processed transactions, and manage administrative tasks all from our proprietary Web Portal.

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Integrate a payment processing function into your existing platform through partnering with us. Our API allows developers to communicate robustly with our core systems through various calls and responses. These functions can add an immense amount of value to a company.

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Credit Card Processing

Accepting credit cards as a form of payment can seem sometimes seem more of a hassle than a convenience. We strive to make our clients and their payment needs as simple as possible – that’s why we’ve teamed up with some of the best processors in the game to bring you a feasible option for both e-commerce and retail POS transactions.

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Pay Now Link

Incorporate a payment method on your website that allows your customers to submit transactions to you over the web. Offer both ACH and Credit Card payment methods for the ultimate form of convenience. Customize the payments page with a few customizable options as well!

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