A New Payment Solution for Healthcare Payers

A More Cost-Effective Option To Process Payments For Medical Claims

Small Business, Large Business Owners

A faster, more efficient and cost cutting way of processing medical service claims. A new solution for Health Insurance Companies and TPAs to pay claims that will:

  • Decrease costs to the insurance company on each claim paid
  • The amount of cash rebate varies and is calculated based on a percentage for each claim paid. Both large and mid-sized TPAs and healthcare payers can earn significant amounts depending on the number of claims processed.
  • Less administrative obstacles and costs
  • Reduced labor costs by less time for staff to process payments
  • Accounts can be reconciled faster and earlier

For use by small-, mid- or enterprise-sized Health Insurance Companies, Benefits Claims Payers and Third Party Administrators (TPAs).

Single claims to thousands of claims can be processed at any time.

ACH Processing Company Services Healthcare
ACH Processing Company PCard Medical Insurance

PCard, by The ACH Processing Company

Many American managed health care companies that sell traditional and consumer directed health care insurance and related services are adding the PCard choice to their payment systems.

It’s a flexible and efficient payment solution for reimbursement.

Providers are issued a Virtual Purchase Credit Card or “PCard”.

PCards are 16-digit credit card numbers that can be presented to the provider by the plan for immediate processing.

The PCard will streamline provider payments with a direct and immediate impact on administrative costs.

Greater levels of payment integrity will mean that accounts can be reconciled earlier and with greater accuracy.

Why Providers in Your Network Will Love It:

By law, many states now require large payers to utilize multiple forms of payments. With the added PCard option, providers can diversify and balance their cash flow for added financial security and long-term stability.

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