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Stop Paying for Wires. Use Same Day ACH.

A recent Federal Reserve survey just released reinforced the growing need for faster payments among U.S. businesses. More than 2,000 businesses, ranging in size from less than $1 million in annual revenue to $250 million, took part in the study. The results find that most businesses expect to be able to use ‘faster payments’ options

WooCommerce + ACH Processing Company = Happy Customers

Do you have an online business that uses WooCommerce? Would you like to expand your payment options at checkout and get paid quickly? ACH Processing Company offers an integration with WooCommerce for seamless e-commerce transactions. It’s currently being utilized by e-commerce companies of all sizes. Our API plugin enables online stores built with WooCommerce, to

Incentives and Rebates to Grow Your Business

Incentives and rebates are an exciting way to grow your business, yet often over-looked in the merchant space. Did you know your payment solutions provider can be a valuable source of ideas to grow your business? For over 23 years, ACH Processing Company has helped more than 10,000 corporate businesses to save money while growing

Over 20,000 merchants have partnered with The ACH Processing Company

Since May 1st, 1998, The ACH Processing Company has been providing clients with a suite of payment processing services. From our easy to navigate cloud-based platform, to our robust web services API, we enable our clients to transact with parties necessary to their daily operations. How many clients over that 23-year period you ask? The answer

This Is The Future of B2B Transactions

Every business needs to make Business-to-Business (B2B) payments to maintain smooth day-to-day operations as well as sustain growth. Long-standing, established payment options have always included paper checks, ACH transfer, direct deposits and corporate credit cards. Each of these methods have their own faults, lack transparency and are becoming more and more antiquated each year. B2B

Thank you for attending our session! In case you missed it…

Hi ACH Processing White Paper,   How did you enjoy this year’s 14th Healthcare Payment Innovations Conference? We hope you made the most out of the virtual, pandemic-friendly format and stayed safe. I know we did. Our President, John Innes, participated on a panel to discuss ‘Serving Patients Where They Are for Financial Tools and