ACH Web Portal

Schedule Payments

Recurring billing and one-time payments you’re looking to collect from your customer can be processed through our web portal that simplifies managing and scheduling all transactions.

Schedule recurring billing to occur on a customized schedule that you create with our Recurring Schedule Manager™. Once the recurring transactions have been set, the system will automatically process the transactions as their scheduled and remit them to you, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

The Quick Debit™ feature allows users to quickly transact with customers in just a few simple clicks for one off transactions.


Create reports tailored to fit your needs with our Report Builder™. Select from over twenty eight different values that will generate a report with just the amount of information you’re requesting.

In addition to our Report Builder™ we also provide our Report Viewer™ with templated reports useful for general reporting such as settled transactions, file upload summaries, and even unsuccessful transactions for a given date range.

For quickly searching the database for a particular transaction or range of transactions, our web portal boasts a Search Transaction page that allows you to filter by fifteen various values to reach your desired set of data.


Manage User Rights allowing for as much administrative rights needed to be distributed to users. We encourage a dual user responsibility that allows one user to enter transactions while the second set of eyes approves transactions for processing once reviewing files.

E-mail notifications are also a great way to stay on top of events that occur. Prevent internal fraud by enabling notifications each time a transaction or file is uploaded into the system. The same notification system can be applied to various events that may be significant to each client’s needs.

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