Over 20,000 merchants have partnered with The ACH Processing Company

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  • May 18, 2021
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Since May 1st, 1998, The ACH Processing Company has been providing clients with a suite of payment processing services. From our easy to navigate cloud-based platform, to our robust web services API, we enable our clients to transact with parties necessary to their daily operations.

How many clients over that 23-year period you ask? The answer is a staggering 20,000 merchants and growing!

Payment processing services sure don’t get the press they deserve. Yet payments play a major role in every business transaction and must be handled with care to ensure timely, sustainable success. Here’s how:

  • Healthcare Payers & Providers – Use ACH Processing Company to build and customize a digital payments workflow. This leads to faster payments, better risk management, improved efficiency, and in some cases, cash rebates with the use of an Accounts Payable Virtual Card Payments.
  • E-Commerce Companies – Choose ACH Processing Company to give them the ability to accept credit card payments directly online and help facilitate a checkout experience tailored to the buyers’ preferred form of payment.
  • Payroll Companies – Trust ACH Processing Company to ensure payroll is processed on-time and accurate using batch upload file acceptance with NACHA & CSV and the help needed to meet financial expectations.

Over 20,000 merchants have partnered with The ACH Processing Company, and your company can be NEXT.

Talk to an expert and let’s find time on your calendar to have a 15-minute call next week.

Stay safe and healthy!

The Team at ACH Processing Company

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