This Is The Future of B2B Transactions

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  • April 15, 2021
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Every business needs to make Business-to-Business (B2B) payments to maintain smooth day-to-day operations as well as sustain growth. Long-standing, established payment options have always included paper checks, ACH transfer, direct deposits and corporate credit cards. Each of these methods have their own faults, lack transparency and are becoming more and more antiquated each year.

B2B payment processing and financial technology service providers are now offering a more efficient and optimized solution, the Virtual Payment Card. A unique 16-digit Mastercard™ number that exists solely as digital information, without any physical card. Because it’s virtual, it’s more secure for both the business issuing the payment and it doesn’t require the payee to submit sensitive payment information. It’s also hygienically safer for contact-less transactions.

Other benefits include:

  1. For All Organizations. Any size organization can take advantage of all the benefits of Virtual Payment Cards.
  2. Each Virtual Payment Card can be issued for a specific transaction and/or amount, for a one-time-use and can expire on a date you choose.
  3. Virtual Payment Cards cost nothing and provide an immediate return by reducing administrative costs required to process transactions and provide cash rebates.

The future of business payment is VIRTUAL.

Ask our experts and let’s find time on your calendar to have a 15-minute call to discuss the future of B2B transactions.


Stay safe and healthy!

The Team at ACH Processing Company

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