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  • March 19, 2021
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Hi ACH Processing White Paper,


How did you enjoy this year’s 14th Healthcare Payment Innovations Conference? We hope you made the most out of the virtual, pandemic-friendly format and stayed safe. I know we did. Our President, John Innes, participated on a panel to discuss ‘Serving Patients Where They Are for Financial Tools and Options’ and touched upon three important topics:

  1. Demand for fast and instant payments becomes the norm, no longer the exception.
  2. Patients and payment providers want choice which includes access to mobile, digital, and real-time payments.
  3. Healthcare providers need to evaluate the pros and cons of – Build vs Borrow – when it comes to payment platforms.

For those of you that missed the session, after all, healthcare ????employees and workers are super busy, we are here to have a 1-on-1 friendly conversation to better understand your current payment challenges.

Simply drop us an email and let’s find time on the calendar to have a 15-minute call to discuss potential payment solutions for your business.


Stay safe and healthy!

The Team at ACH Processing Company

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