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For over 20 years The ACH Processing Company has been providing clients with a suite of payment processing services. From our easy to navigate cloud-based platform, to our robust web services API, we enable our clients to transact with parties necessary to their daily operations.

ACH Payment Processing

Our core platform is our ACH Web Portal, an all-in-one solution that allows access to all vital functions that drives business and efficiency for our clients.

Credit Card Processing

Our relationship with multiple merchant service providers creates a competitive pricing environment for our clients while optimizing the payment architecture for speed and security.

PCard Rebate Program

Earn cash rebates on your Accounts Payable with our PCard/Virtual Card Rebate program. Add quickly to your revenue and bottom line.

Understanding Interchange

Understanding the key components to your merchant processing fees is necessary to effectively manage them.

Fully Integrated and Customizable Web Portal with Tools

ACH Processing Company provides your business with a fully integrated and customizable web portal and tools to streamline and operationalize your entire invoice-to-pay payment process. You will have access to a custom report builder and management tools including user rights, and unique input tools to process single, recurring, and/or batch upload transactions. Reconciliation of transactions is made easy with the ability to export information into various formats, according the needs of your business. 

A core feature of our Web Portal is AP (Accounts Payable) and AR (Accounts Receivable) integration which supports a seamless integration with top enterprise accounting software Sage 100 Standard, Xero, and Quickbooks. Schedule an online demo with our payment specialists to see how it works!

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We Process Over $20 Billion Worth of B2B Transactions Each Year

Understanding Your Merchant Processing Fees

Understanding merchant processing fees has been an ongoing issue for most businesses.  The lack of this understanding can lead a business to significantly overpaying for their merchant services.  Regardless of your rate structure, there are actually 4 basic components to your merchant processing fees:

  • Interchange
  • Dues & Assessments
  • Communication Fees
  • Processor Fees

Interchange and Dues & Assessments are determined by the Card associations.  Interchange fees are determined by taking these factors into consideration:

  • Card Type (i.e., credit vs. debit)
  • Card Type (i.e., consumer vs. commercial)
  • Industry Type (i.e., restaurant vs. retail)
  • Transaction Method (i.e., card present vs. card not present)
  • Card Rebates (i.e., cash back or frequent flyer miles)
  • Likelihood of Fraud (i.e., high risk merchant or extended future delivery)
  • Amount of Line-Item Data (i.e., Level II or Level III transaction detail)

Communication and Processor Fees are any fees charged above Interchange and Dues & Assessments.  Ideally, you’re being billed in an “Interchange plus” rate structure where each of these fees are being passed through at cost.  

An Interchange plus rate structure allows our analysts to tailor a processing environment that Optimizes Interchange by minimizes these fees through a competitive MSP rate structure while utilizing the best available payment processing solutions.

Let one of our analysts perform a no cost Sanity Check on your current processing environment.

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Integrating a payment module can add exponential value to a platform. Our API allows for automation of front and back end payment through our simple API interface. With access to our sandbox environments mirroring production environments developers can implement code at their own pace with an efficient method of validating information.

B2B Purchasing Card/PCard and Cash-Back Rebates

With ACH Processing Company B2B Purchasing Card/PCard, your business earns cash rebates on each transaction and creates a new source of revenue generation. Using the PCard completely eliminates bank fees associated with ACH and Paper Checks. It also reduces fraud related to check cashing, because it’s a virtual solution. This improves your company’s cash flow instantly by generating cash rebates on your accounts payable. Virtual cards, backed by the branded card network, deliver proven security. Payers will lessen the burden of maintaining sensitive bank information across multiple payees. 

  • Implementing the PCard Program by ACH Processing Company will create a new revenue sources
  • Reduce costs and simplify reconciliation, and
  • Increase provider satisfaction with payment options and immediate cash flow.

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